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By definition, a true trophy largemouth bass , must weigh a minimum of 11 lbs 3 oz. (roughly 51 percent of the world-record weight 22 lb 4 oz.). We have several lakes in Mexico that can produce that Trophy Bass on any cast. The lake record and the Central American record were set in 1993 by Bruce Knutson with a 19.10 lb largemouth bass on Lake Baccarac.


Bass Fishing in Mexico is the ultimate experience. Mexican bass lakes like Aguamilpa, Baccarac, ComederoEl Cuchillo, El NovilloEl SaltoGuerrero and  Huites can produce bass over 10 pounds on any given cast. The sheer anticipation of a bass fishing trip to Mexico is enough to drive any angler crazy.


Mexico-Bass provides our clients with everything they need for a successful trophy Mexican bass fishing trip.  Mexico bass fishing is not just a fishing trip, it's a completely unique experience which most of our anglers choose to relive over and over again.

Since booking bass fishing trips in Mexico is what we do, we will make sure when you are on one of our trips, you will have the chance to make your 10 pound-plus  dream come true. Come join us to catch that trophy bass of a lifetime. 

We offer you the best accommodations for an enjoyable Mexico bass fishing trip.


Tommy Crawford

505-414-5464     Central Time Zone

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10 lb 8 oz caught 

Lake Aguamilpa

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13 lb 6 oz caught

Lake Baccarac

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