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This is a MUST DO trip for all bass anglers. The Mexican bass get big and are extremely strong. For years these Florida strain bass transplants have thrived in Mexico and the 10 pounders are getting bigger every day. These eight Mexico bass fishing lakes are full of quality black bass in the 2 to 16 pound range and bass anglers are enjoying hundred plus bass per boat days. At these Mexico bass lakes you’re just one cast away from that ten pound plus trophy bass!  Mexico is still safe and our clients are enjoying great bass fishing.


Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Mexico The top 8 greatest Mexican bass fishing lakes include Lake Aguamilpa, Lake Baccarac, Lake Comedero, Lake El Cuchillo, El Salto, El Novillo, Lake Guerrero and Lake Huites. Early September will start the next bass fishing season in Mexico.

There has been a lot of talk about how rich with bass the waters of Mexico are, which is probably why a lot of anglers are interested in visiting. If you are a bass angler looking for some adventure, then Mexico should probably be on your bucket list of places to go. Here are some  lakes you should know about in order to make the most out of your Mexico bass fishing trip.



Lake Aguamilpa is one of the great  largemouth bass lakes in Mexico. It is known to have a considerable number of black bass in its waters, which means that it is one of the newer lakes. Although the black bass in this particular lake are numerous, their sizes range from

3-9 lbs.  Most anglers catch from 40-60 bass per day. The  Lake Record is 14 lb 6 oz.

Lake Baccarac 2018

 Lake Baccarac is an ideal hotspot for catching largemouth bass. Lake Baccarac is the best big bass lake in the entire world. The first fishing season was beyond most anglers' dreams and the lake has been improving every year. The lake is approximately 25 miles long and 5 miles wide. This is one of the best places for largemouth bass fishing in mexico. Lake Record 19 lbs 10 oz


Lake El Salto, one of the greatest black bass lakes in the world, should definitely be one of the bass fishing destinations you visit when you are in Mexico. This lake is positioned on the Western side of the Mexican coast. Although this particular lake is associated with the other great black bass lakes, each one of these lakes differs in the amount of black bass that are residing in them. In Lake El Salto the bass are relatively large in size, with a lake record of 18 lbs 6 oz.


Lake Comedero is one of Mexico’s best Trophy bass lake for fish 10 lbs or larger. It’s a beautiful mountain lake nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains 100 miles northeast of the seaside resort city of Mazatlan. Its clear cool water is teeming with thousands of hungry Mexico largemouth bass which will strike almost any type lure all year. Without any doubt, Comedero is the one of the best bass lake for numbers of bass from 6 to 12 lbs with some bass ranging from 12-15 lbs. Daily catches average 40 to 60 fish per day per boat.

Lake Record 19 lbs 6 oz

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Lake Huites is one of the most scenic lakes a bass fisherman will ever set his eyes upon. It is nestled within the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain range located on Mexico's West Coast. Huites is a 30,000-acre man-made reservoir that has been stocked with Florida strain largemouth bass. And these bass have taken a liking to a protein-rich diet of tilapia and shad and are growing at a rapid rate. Anglers are catching in excess of 75 bass a day and 10 pound plus trophies are being caught with great regularity. Lake Record 15 lbs 3 oz.

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Known as the first and only lake in Mexico to be designated a state park, Lake El Cuchillo is a 40,000-acre basin located in the state of Nuevo Leon. With NO NETS ALLOWED, the possibility of catching a number of 5 to 12 pound trophy bass is high. Located right on the edge of the lake is Hotel Hacienda Resort where our anglers will stay.  Lake El Cuchillo is a catch-and-release lake and fishing is strictly for recreational purposes only. Lake Record 14 lbs 9 oz.

Lake El Novillo is a 70 mile long impoundment is located in the state of Sonora, Mexico. It is south of Tucson, Arizona and 90 miles east of Hermosillo, Mexico. The lake contains a mixture of northern largemouth bass and Florida strain largemouths. Named Plutarco Elias Calles, it is home to large quantities of bass. Three to seven pounders are very common and double-digit monsters show up often. Lake Record 13 lbs 6 oz.

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