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A 125 ft. yacht, which provides the most luxurious mobile accommodations of any Peacock Bass fishing operation in Brazil’s Amazon. Our luxury yacht accommodates up to 22 anglers per expedition (double occupancy) or 14 anglers (single occupancy). Guest lodging includes 14 staterooms: 1 king bed room, 2 queen bed rooms, and 11 side by side single bed single beds. Each stateroom has a spacious private bathroom with hot water, its own independent air-conditioning system, and satellite TV. Every area onboard has an internal height of 6-1/2 to 7 feet, so no one but the very tallest customer will have to stoop. The yacht is equipped with advanced navigation equipment and various shipboard amenities. These include satellite phone service ($10 per minute), satellite internet service ($10 per MB), digital radar and sonar equipment, pressurized drinking water reservoir, daily laundry and maid service, emergency gear, defibillulator and first aid supplies, onboard DVD home theater system, and more.

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At 17’ 7” (5.36 m) long, the Pro Team™ 175 TXW is a near-perfect industry pacesetter with a great combination of size and performance. Its “bullet-proof” Revolution™ Mod V hull delivers a smooth dry ride that’s guaranteed. And its exclusive Power-Trac™ transom provides a quicker holeshot and better overall performance. Equipped with a long list of name-brand components, standard features include a 12-volt, foot-controlled trolling motor, Lowrance® fishfinder, onboard battery charger, fuel-efficient Mercury® FourStroke and a custom, factory-matched trailer with EZ lube hubs and heavy-duty load guides.

Trophy Peacock BassThe finest equipment, experienced guides & staff, excellent accommodations & food prepared by our chef on board this 125 yacht, while Peacock Bass fishing with the only operator in the Amazon that has caught a 28 lb IGFA World Record Peacock Bass! 6 1/2 days of fishing on the waters in Brazil's Amazon where the last 3 IGFA All Tackle World Record 27 lb+ Peacock Bass have been caught, including the 28 lb monster caught with us in 2010. Fish during the day in the NEW Tracker bass boats, returning to the upscale comforts of the 125' yacht and the on board chef at the end of each day. The flora, fauna and indigenous people of the Amazon River basin provides a trip unlike any other you will ever take. Multicolored Macaws, Toucans & Green Parrots, pink and gray freshwater dolphins, seven foot river otters, unique caimans,a myriad of rainforest flowers, and primitive Indian villages are all presented against the towering backdrop of the awe inspiring Amazon Rainforest. The 2,500 species of fish in the rivers, including the peacock bass you're coming for, are all part of your Amazon adventure.

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