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Worldwide Bass Adventures Has Your Next Mexico or Amazon Bass Fishing Trip

NEWS!...The 2013 / 2104 Mexican and Amazon bass fishing season is underway. Book now to get prime dates.→ Private Air Charters to Lake Baccarac landing 10 minutes frome the lodge. Contact Us for Details.Tons of Fishing Options, Premium Resorts, Easy Destination Access, Travel Assistance and Reports.  

Proven Destinations

Our bass fishing trips have been fully researched and experienced to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Easy Booking Process

Once you tell us where you want to fish and the dates you want, we check availability right away and hold your dates.

Safety First!

All of our fishing locations are very safe. We will not send our clients to any area that might pose a threat to their safety.

Fishing Rods Included

As the airlines increasingly charge for any oversized luggage, we make it simple by having rods available at your fishing destination.

Knowledgeable Guides

Many of the guides at our Mexican Bass and Peacock Bass destinations have as many as 20 years guiding on their home waters.

Dedicated Support

We know that your trip starts long before you get on the plane. We are here to answer questions, for tackle advice, or anything else you may need.

Our Destination Waters

Lake Baccarac Lodge

It has produced countless 10 pound bass in the last few seasons and shows no sign of letting up.

Lake Baccarac · Reports

Lake Baccarac 

Lake El Salto

Travel to Anglers Inn on Lake El Salto for trophy bass fishing, great accommodations and excellent service.

Anglers Inn · Reports

Lake El Salto 

Captain Peacock Bass Fishing

This beautiful peacock bass fishing yacht will take you to prime fishing spots on the Rio Negro River.

Captain Peacock ·

Captain Peacock

Black Water Explorer

This Amazon houseboat will take you to prime peacock bass habitat on the Rio Negro and its tributaries.

Blackwater Explorer ·

Black Water Explorer 

Lake Huites

This beautiful mountain lake is full of quality largemouth bass just waiting to strike for your best bait.

Lake Huites

Lake Huites 

Peacock Bass Tent Camp

These shallow draft floating camps will get you to some of the most remote peacock bass fishing spots.

Floating Tent Camps ·

Fly-In Tent Camps 

Lake Comedero

This Mexican lake is not well known and gets very little pressure but it is full of quality bass.

Lake Comedero

Lake Comedero

Lake Guerrero

100,000 acres at full pool, Lake Guerrero has trophy bass as well as great wingshooting for dove, duck and quail.

Lake Guerrero

Lake Guerrero

Featured Trip

Peacock Bass Fishing

The 2,500 species of fish in the rivers, including the peacock bass you came for, are only part of your Amazon adventure.

Fishing Reports from Mexico and Brazil

Bass fishing reports from some of our productive Mexico bass lakes as well as Peacock Bass locations.

Largemouth Bass

In Mexico, mild climates and abundant forage translate to perfect habitats for trophy bass. In these lakes bass can grow up to two pounds a year and ten pounders are always a possibility. Mexico bass fishing on El Salto is not just a fishing trip, it's a completely unique Mexican Vacation experience which many of our clients choose to relive over and over again. If you're looking to catch that ten pound largemouth bass, Lake Baccarac is one Mexican lake you should experience. Full of trophy fish, it's a bass angler's dream come true. Excellent accommodations and service located lakeside, Lake Baccarac Lodge provides our clients with everything they need for a successful trophy bass trip.

Peacock Bass

Of all the incredible gamefish in the Amazon basin, the one that has received the most press is the peacock bass. Their remarkable, explosive topwater strike, combined with an astonishing ability to break heavy lines/leaders and straighten even stout saltwater hooks, makes them one of the most sought after species in the Amazon basin. Peacock bass are not a true bass such as the largemouth and smallmouth bass (Micopterus Sp.) found in North American waters, but comprise a genus within the family Cichlidae.

Trophy Bass

Contact Bob at Worldwide Bass Adventures to arrange your next Trophy Bass Fishing Trip!

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Bass Fishing Updates 

I came back to Japan from your lodge yesterday. 24hours flight was so long . I am so glad to send you this happy report. The famous Baccarac big fish was so exciting! I caught some big fish (9,9-5,11&11-5LB) with super guide Sixto. 11-5LB grande was so lucky fish. The best bait was 7inch Senkos. Japanese Group was enjoyed fishing so much ....
Lake Baccarac LodgeFull Report
Dan and Kerry started our reasonably well with 25 and 35 fish days the first 2 days in the 3-5 pound range. Actually, they had a pretty good top-water bite on Pop’R’s the first evening putting 8 in the boat but that was it for top-water. By the third day they had 
Anglers Inn El SaltoFull Report
This is our last partial fishing report for this season. Looking back we see that our private fisheries have produced a great season and anglers have enjoyed landing notable trophies, confirming that the preservation implied in the private fishery concept really works. Worth mentioning in this final report is the socio-economic benefits that the sport fishing activity brings to the river communities and the implied sustainability of this fantastic natural eco-system.....
Fly In Floating CabinsFull Report

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