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Lake El Salto Bass FishingView the current bass fishing updates from Lake El Salto and Anglers Inn in Northern Mexico. This will give you an idea of what the current hot baits are as well as size and productivity of the bass angling on this trophy lake.


December, 2013

Jamie Klausman (PA) brought his father, Jim, down to check us out as a possible corporate destination. Their comments on the food, accommodations, boats, guides, staff and service were excellent across the board. This was their first trip and even though a double digit fish escaped them they thought the fishing was terrific. Jim has assured me he will be back with his corporate team.

Dan and Kerry started our reasonably well with 25 and 35 fish days the first 2 days in the 3-5 pound range. Actually, they had a pretty good top-water bite on Pop’R’s the first evening putting 8 in the boat but that was it for top-water. By the third day they had the “Anglers Inn Way” Net Fishing Technique wired and the numbers increased to 50 fish and the fourth day the count reached 87 in the 3-7 pound range with many in the 4-6 pound range. No really big fish but fantastic fishing none-the-less.

The bottom line about El Salto is that it has been the world’s #1 lake for catching trophy largemouth bass for over a decade and there is always a way to catch fish. This is especially true for experienced anglers and those new anglers who lean upon our 35 years of outfitting and the techniques and tricks we have learned along the way. The maps, translations and techniques we have developed are invaluable to a successful trip.


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