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Don't miss out on the exciting fishing next season at Lake Baccarac Lodge. The season is underway in October and the bass fishing promises to be great. We have clients come in by commercial air into Los Mochis and private air. Lake Baccarac was stocked in 1978 with Florida strain largemouth bass. The lake is 25 miles long and five miles wide and is 30,000 acres at full pool. The lake record and also the Central American record were set in 1993 by Bruce Knutson of a 19.10 lb. bass. Baccarac’s favorite friend and part-time resident, Sonny Talkington, caught an 18.11 lb. bass on the lake. Mexico bass fishing at its finest! Many of you who have frequented Baccarac over the years know Sonny and are aware of his infamous log of all fish caught on the lake. We are happy to have him as our neighbor and the lodge’s resident expert. It has produced more 10 pound bass in the last 3 years than any other lake in Mexico. Because of this, book your dates at Lake Baccarac Lodge well in advance.

Lake Baccarac Mexican Fishing Resort

A full staff is there to ensure your stay is topnotch – from the air-conditioned, spacious rooms to excellent meals prepared by the cooking staff to the housekeeping staff who will pamper you – even washing your clothing daily. From the moment you arrive in Mexico until you leave, the staff is there to meet your every need and to make sure your stay is a memorable one. This is a bass fishing trip of a lifetime so don't get left behind! Then there is the fishing. Brand-new 18 foot Crestliner boats manned by Lake Baccarac’s most famous guides (Sixto, Arturo, Antonio, Eddie, just to name a few!) who have an intimate knowledge of the lake, most having twenty years of experience on the lake, await you each morning to help you realize every angler’s dream – that mammoth bass on your line.

Baccarac Lake Trophy BassBaccarac Lodge was built for one reason – to give anglers another opportunity while bass fishing in Mexico to stay in elegant accommodations while enjoying the world’s best bass fishing. Whether there are two of you, twenty of you, or you’re pulling your boat, we await your arrival so that we may give you the best bass fishing experience. Baccarac is a legendary reservoir steeped in big bass tradition dating all the way back to the 1980s. In 1993, the lake produced a 19.10 pounder that still ranks as the all-time Central America record, including Cuba. Flanked by steep banks and sheer canyon walls, the lake is chock full of Florida strain bass that flourish amid a jungle of brushy habitat that took hold when the lake was low. The fish also enjoy a year-round growing season thanks to the warm, Mexico climate. Another key ingredient is forage. In addition to threadfin shad, the lake supports a bountiful population of protein-rich tilapia. Commercial netters are allowed to target the succulent food fish at scheduled intervals, but head hunting largemouths feed on them seemingly at will.  

Fed by the Sinaloa River, Lake Baccarac, approximately 90 miles due east of Los Mochis on the west coast of Mexico, is a 35,000 acre man-made reservoir and a Mecca for serious bass fishermen. With its shimmering waters and steep rock-clad banks, Baccarac is a meandering twenty five mile long, five mile wide lake that offers a wide variety of breathtaking vistas from rugged cactus-studded terrain to sweeping panoramic of the Sierra Madres. With hundreds of isolated islands, points and coves to keep any fisherman busy, bass fishing in Lake Baccarac seems right out of a dream where fishing conditions are flawless and landing big fish never ceases to amaze.

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