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Lake Huites

Trophy Bass Fishing at Lake Huites Lodge

Located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, Lake Huites is a great producer of quality largemouth bass. Hidden among the mountainous landscape of western Mexico, Huites was initially stocked with Florida-strain largemouth bass. Because of a plentiful food source and a long growing season, the bass are growing at a rate far exceeding their growth rate in the states. The fish are aggressive and will take an assortment of lures. Catches in excess of 100 bass in a day of fishing have been recorded at this lake. Lake Huites Lodge has been widely acknowledged as the newest and most luxurious lodge on the lake. It has set the "gold standard" by which all of the other lodges will be judged. Huites is full of fast growing Florida strain largemouth bass. As magazine articles begin boasting the fantastic catches of 100 bass a day and more, it has become the most sought after bass lake in the world. When at full pool, Lake Huites is a 30,000-acre man-made reservoir that had been initially stocked with Florida strain largemouth bass fingerlings to jump start the fishery.

Lake Huites - Quantity and Quality Bass Fishing

And these bass have taken a liking to the mountainous climate, long growing season and an abundant, protein-rich diet of tilapia and shad and are growing at a rapid rate. When conditions are right, skilled anglers are catching in excess of 75 bass a day on Lake Huites and 10 pound plus trophies are being caught with great regularity. The local guides have an intimate knowledge of this deep, clear lake and will take you to prime structures that concentrate Huites’ fantastic bass population.

Lake Huites Trophy BassWhether your interested in a three day fishing package with your best fishing buddy, or a corporate retreat for 20 coworkers for a week, Lake Huites Lodge is the ideal choice for your next Mexico bass angling adventure. Lake Huites is located in the foothills of the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range in the state of Sinaloa near the town of Choix and is one of the most beautiful and remote in all of Mexico. To make sure this lake becomes the most famous bass fishery that has ever been opened anywhere in the world, the Mexican officials overseeing this magnificent fishery have designated this lake to be the first catch - and - release lake in the republic. Of course varying conditions and angling ability will be determining factors in how many fish you catch, but one thing is for sure...the service and hospitality you receive will make your Mexican bass fishing experience a great one! It was designed and built by folks like you who realize that if you're going to travel that far to go fishing, everything has to be top notch. It's also a place you can feel comfortable about bringing your family to. New boats and motors help make your trip comfortable as well as productive!

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