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It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s brim full of bass! Sound too good to be true? There is such a lake---all 55,000 acres of it. And one of the best parts is that the fishing pressure is almost unbelievably light. These are the primary reasons why we opened an Anglers Inn Lodge at Western Mexico’s Lake Mateos. Our Anglers Inn operation at Mexico’s El Salto Lake has garnered world-wide attention now for years. You can expect more of the same at our new Anglers Inn operation at Lake Mateos. Want to pinpoint the exact location of this bass fishing paradise? It’s easy. Get a map of Mexico and locate the city of Culiacan in the Mexican State of Sinaloa. Lake Mateos is about 55 minutes away by car. The village closest to the lake is El Varejonal. The full name of Lake Mateos is Presa Adolfo Lopez Mateos and that’s the way it may be listed on the map. Mateos is not a brand new lake. At one time it was regarded as one of Mexico’s best bass fishing spots. The fishing there was red hot in the early 1990s. 

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Then in 1994 the lake was almost drained to meet the demands of farmers who needed its waters for their crops. As the lake’s water drained away, so did its bass fishing. The fishing pressure faded as the water dropped and then almost disappeared. That situation has changed. We did considerable test fishing at Lake Mateos before deciding to open an Anglers Inn Lodge there with members of our exclusive A-Team Sportsman’s Club.

Lake Mateos Trophy BassWe’ve had anglers tell us that Lake Mateos is the best they’ve ever found for fishing spinnerbaits. Others say they’ve had super action fishing crankbaits off the big lake’s many ridges and islands. If you’ve fished out of Anglers Inn at El Salto, you know what to expect at our new Anglers Inn Lodge at Lake Mateos. We offer the same kind of service and friendly staff that Anglers Inn is known for. LAKE MATEOS FAST FACTS Anglers visiting Lake Mateos will observe the same catch-and-release procedures that we introduced so successfully at El Salto Lake. We encourage anglers to bring their cameras. Go ahead and shoot pictures of your big ones, then get them back in the water. You’ll find they will still be there when you come back and that they’ll also have added weight. The new Anglers Inn Lodge is located on the Humaya River, one of the major rivers that flow out of Lake Mateos. The lodge is only 4 minutes away from the launch site near the dam. We are also floating the river. A first in Mexico. It's not at all difficult to reach Anglers Inn at Lake Mateos. The ideal way is to fly into Culiacan. Guests will be picked up in air-conditioned vans for the 55 minutes drive to the lodge. Mateos is about two hours and a half by auto north of El Salto Lake. It’s a black top highway all the way.

The lake’s bass fishing population has come back strong and fast. It’s not uncommon now for anglers to have 100 fish days at Mateos and some of those Florida strain largemouth may top 10-pounds or more. Anglers who have fished El Salto will find major differences when they get to Lake Mateos. For starters, you won’t find the partially submerged trees that El Salto has in such abundance. What you will find is a lot of brush and trees along the shoreline edges. The open areas between these brush clumps provide wondrous fishing opportunities for anglers using everything from top water baits to plastic worms.

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