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Fishing Updates from Brazil

Peacock Bass Fishing ReportsView the current peacock bass fishing updates from the Brazilian Amazon. This will give you an idea of what the current water levels are as well as size and productivity of the peacock bass angling in the Amazon.



February 28th, 2014

Last week we hosted a group of 20 anglers coming from Russia who lived a completely new experience, not only from the environmental standpoint but also on the fishing techniques, nevertheless they were able to catch an impressive 21 lbs. trophy. Our guides were up to the challenge and successfully communicated with these anglers in the international fishing language.

Water levels in the lower Xeruini and Jufaris have gone up and are beyond jungle level, not so in the headwaters where they are still low, though the rain forecast makes us think that this will be changing shortly.

This is our last partial fishing report for this season. Looking back we see that our private fisheries have produced a great season and anglers have enjoyed landing notable trophies, confirming that the preservation implied in the private fishery concept really works. Worth mentioning in this final report is the socio-economic benefits that the sport fishing activity brings to the river communities and the implied sustainability of this fantastic natural eco-system. We are committed to expanding our operative model to protect other areas from the growing aggressive depredation of the Amazon basin, benefitting local communities, and allowing us to offer new challenging territories to our seasoned anglers for next season.

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