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You will have an opportunity to catch 3 species of Peacock Bass with an average of 30 fish per day per boat, including both Royal (barred) and Speckled (Paca) Peacock Bass weighing 25+ pounds and the smaller Butterfly species weighing upwards of 12 lbs. Looking at the IGFA record book, you will see that the last 3 IGFA All Tackle World Record Peacock Bass have come from the main channel of the Rio Negro River or within a few miles up its black water tributaries. This is where Captain Peacock fishes and where you will hook up with trophies. These fish are most commonly caught using bait casting and spinning equipment as described in our Fisherman's Handbook but is quickly becoming the fly fisherman's newest adventure. See our Fly Fishing Handbook for info on fly fishing for peacock bass. The Rio Negro River system supports 2500 different species of fish including Catfish weighing upwards of 300 lbs., Pirarucu weighing upwards of 500 lbs., 3 species of Piranha, Arowana, and Pacu. This area of the Amazon is the also the fresh water tropical fish capital of the world yielding Tetras, Angelfish, Oscars, and Rainbow Bass among many others.

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Every room on the boat has an internal height of 6-1/2 to 7 feet, so all but the very tallest customer won’t have to stoop. Capt. Peacock is loaded to the gills with advanced navigation equipment and various shipboard amenities. These include satellite phone service ($5 per minute), satellite internet service ($5 per MB), Radar and Sonar digital equipment, pressurized drinking water reservoir, full laundry and maid service, full emergency gear and top first aid supplies, onboard DVD home theater system, and a lot more. The restaurant features delicious regional and international cuisine at every meal, while the cocktail area offers open bar with Brazilian and international drinks, premium liquors, and top red and white wine selections (all-inclusive).

Trophy Peacock BassSuddenly, a peacock bass assaults your lure with such ferocity that it literally rips the stout casting rod from your grasp. Despite 80 lb braided line and a drag that's been ratcheted up to its limits, the fish has enough power to strip 20 yards of line from your reel. Momentarily, your line goes slack and you pray that the unthinkable didn’t occur - the sharpened hooks somehow failed to hold the enraged fish. However, your despair quickly turns to jubilation, as, with lure firmly affixed to his cavernous mouth, some 20-pounds of emerald green and Sunkist orange fury leaps three-feet out of the water and performs aerial gyrations that would rival the most acrobatic tarpon. A peacock bass fishing adventure to Brazil’s vast and untamed Amazon basin is truly one of the most memorable angling experiences found anywhere on the planet. An opportunity to see, to touch, to swim, and to experience the real Amazon. The flora, fauna and indigenous peoples of the Amazon River basin provide a trip unlike any other you will ever take. Multicolored Macaws, Toucans & Green Parrots, pink and gray freshwater dolphins, seven foot river otters, unique Caymans, a myriad of rainforest flowers, and primitive Indian villages are all presented against the towering backdrop of the awe inspiring Amazon Rainforest. The 2,500 species of fish in the rivers, including the peacock bass you came for, are only part of your Amazon adventure. A trip of a lifetime is what you will find during your days aboard the mother ship / floating-hotel of Capt. Peacock Yachts & Expeditions.

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