Amazon Remote Peacock Bass Fishing

Remote Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing

Peacock Bass Fishing in Exclusive Waterways

This Amazon Outfitter has been a pioneer in Peacock Bass fishing since 1992. Over the years, this company has continuously evolved in order to provide our clients with unprecedented levels of services, facilities, comfort and safety. Experience and high-quality services have made them the top choice of the most prestigious independent U.S. agents for Peacock Bass fishing trips to the Amazon. One of the services that distinguish their Peacock Bass fishing programs from others are the truly unique and highly mobile, deluxe, air conditioned Fly-In Floating Cabins, which they introduced in 1996. Sport fishing yachts, commercial fishing boats and even survival fishing must stop where low water prevents passage. Yet beyond these barriers is where the great Peacock Bass fishing starts! With the Fly-In Floating Cabins, anglers are able to access these Amazon pristine fisheries like never before!

Peacock Bass Fishing Guides

The guides are undoubtedly the best in the business. Most Amazon outfitters employ poorly-trained, unenthusiastic "boat drivers". These carefully-trained guides are hard-core sport fishermen who are intimately familiar with the complexities of Amazon angling. Many have guided for over 15 years. With thousands of fish boat trips for clients, they'll put you onto big numbers of big fish like no one else in the Amazon. All species of peacock bass are commonly called tucunaré in Brazil and Peru, while other Spanish speaking South American countries use the term pavón. The peacock bass' explosive strikes and spectacular fighting prowess serve to rank it among the greatest fighting fish in the world. Even big specimens, like this 17-pounder on the Rio Tapera, don't hesitate to go airborne. Bringing big, powerful fish like these to the boat in the tight quarters in which they are usually found is a great challenge for any angler.

Trophy Peacock BassAlthough many land-based lodges that offer Peacock Bass fishing in the Amazon are situated past these natural barriers, they have no mobility to seek better water levels. Plus the areas where they are located become rapidly overfished within 2 to 3 hours upriver or downriver. The Fly-In Floating Cabins, however, move daily to unfished river segments and spend the night along the Amazon’s Caribbean-like beaches. Once the small 8-guest parties arrive in Manaus, they are whisked to camp in one of our three turbo prop Cessna Caravan floatplanes. Of all the incredible gamefish in the Amazon basin, the one that has received the most press is the peacock bass. Their remarkable, explosive topwater strike, combined with an astonishing ability to break heavy lines/leaders and straighten even stout saltwater hooks, makes them one of the most sought after species in the Amazon basin. Peacock bass are not a true bass such as the largemouth and smallmouth bass (Micopterus Sp.) found in North American waters, but comprise a genus within the family Cichlidae. Cichlids are a diverse family of tropical fish found primarily throughout Africa, South America and southern Asia. Although all peacock bass species are highly temperature sensitive fish, some have been successfully introduced in tropical areas from Panama to Hawaii.

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